Recent News

Election of a Parish Councillor

Your Parish Council has a vacancy for a Councillor. Is this a role that you would be interested in?

Please click here to see the Notice of Election

Would you like more information – please contact a member of the council who will be pleased to speak to you.


Community Information Session

The Parish Council is hosting a Community Information Session on Tuesday 30th April in the Village Hall starting at 2pm.  Presentations will be by North Yorkshire Police, Community Safety Hub and S.C.A.D.

Please click here for further information.

We are changing our meeting dates

The Council decided at the January meeting to switch the meetings from the second Thursday to the second Monday. This was done for administrative reasons and also because it was thought that more members of the public might attend if it was not on the Pub Quiz Night.

The council also decided to reduce the number of meetings to nine, though the specifics have yet to be decided.

However, there is a new menu item, Council Meeting Dates, where these will be posted

Have you experienced any flooding issues?

North Yorkshire County Council have received Government funding to support those people who have been affected by recent flooding. Funding and advice can be found on the North Yorkshire County Council web site by following this link about FLOODING. The Government (DCLG) are collecting data about properties that have been flooded so that they have a better understanding of the scale of the problem. You can send this information by email to or by phoning 01609 532246.

Woodland Management Team

Your Parish Council have helped to set up a group called “Lothersdale Recreational & Woodland Management Team” who will be seeking ideas to refurbish the area and make it an exciting place to visit. The team is being chaired by Cllr Eddie Cullen and to start the process they are holding a meeting in the village hall on the 25th June between 10am and 12pm. Bacon sandwiches will be served during the consultation event, so please come along and put your ideas forward. The team will be putting a funding application together and submitting it to the Woodland Trust with the hope of being granted £10,000. The money will help to shape your ideas and create a woodland area that will interesting, exciting and a place to be proud of.