Indigo Sky Yoga for Adults, Teens and Children

Indigo Sky Yoga for Adults, Teens and Children

Stretch : Tone : Relax

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Practicing yoga has been scientifically proven to have many health benefits. It encourages a healthy flow of energy in the circulatory and immune systems. This leads to calmness, reduced anxiety and stress and a sense of improved well-being. 

Adult Yoga –  (for 16 +) : gives us the opportunity to listen to our body and create a greater sense of well-being (Thursdays Lothersdale Village Hall 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm) 

Teen Yoga (for 11 – 18 years) : movement of the body and development of the breath encourages increased attention spans and self-awareness and builds strategies to de-stress and reduce anxiety 

Children’s Yoga (for 6 to 11 years) : learning through games shows children how to keep their bodies healthy, to concentrate, be calm and happy and it develops their ability to relax and ultimately feel wonderful  

My yoga teacher training qualification is accredited by the YMCA and both TeenYoga and Children’s Yoga by Yoga Alliance  

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